Red Dawn

Red Dawn

(12 ratings)
The Red Market in Macao. The red tonalities of blood, flesh, buckets and even of the fish’s eyes, carry the audience into a strange and scary universe but also beautiful and intriguing. Rodrigues and Guerra da Mata’s camera emerges like a driving force giving us the exact balance between what exists and what we see. Watch Red Dawn 2011 Full For Free on 123Movies


Stars: Stanko Martinović  Goranka Mirić  Meho Barjaktarević  Milovan Alač  Goran Rakočević  Alma Jahić  Slobodan Marić  Jasna Diklić  Zaim Muzaferija 

Directing: João Pedro Rodrigues  João Rui Guerra da Mata  Radenko Ostojić 

Country: PT

Runtime: 20 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 2011-05-08

IMDB: 5/10