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There is nowhere to hide...nowhere to run...the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our world now belongs to the dead! From Ireland, Canada, Australia, Europe and all over the U.S., the bone-chilling news reports tell the same gruesome tale - walking corpses terrorize and devour the living. Only a few desperate humans find the courage to stand and fight for their last chance at survival. But the hordes of undead keep coming, and there's only one thing on the menu - us. Watch Zombieworld For Free on 123Movies

Genres: Horror

Stars: Noé Blancafort  Lauren Brady  Jeff Newman  Bill Oberst Jr.  Zack Price  Trevor Snarr  Marc Velasco  Candice Bergen  Chris Sarandon  Caitlin Clarke  Jim Antonio  Debra Rogers  Ina Halley  Dagmar Biener  Reiner Schöne 

Directing: Jesse Baget  Peter Horn  Jared Marshall  David Muñoz  Adrián Cardona  Cameron McCulloch  Adam O'Brien  Luke Guidici  Rafa Dengrá  Phil Haine  Zachary Ramelan  Paul Shrimpton  Vedran Marjanović Wekster  Tommy Woodard  Lou Antonio  DJ Vlad  Hans-Waldemar Bublitz 

Country: US

Runtime: 100 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 2015-02-24

IMDB: 4.5/10