Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

(378 ratings)
Scientist Will Rodman is determined to find a cure for Alzheimer's, the disease which has slowly consumed his father. Will feels certain he is close to a breakthrough and tests his latest serum on apes, noticing dramatic increases in intelligence and brain activity in the primate subjects – especially Caesar, his pet chimpanzee. Watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes For Free on 123Movies

Genres: Thriller Action Drama Science Fiction

Stars: Ramsey Campbell  John Carpenter  Robin Atkin Downes  Neil Gaiman  Stuart Gordon  S.T. Joshi  Caitlin R. Kiernan  Andrew Migliore  Robert M. Price  Peter Straub  Guillermo del Toro  Silas Howard  Harriet Dodge  Stanya Kahn  Carina Gia 

Directing: Frank H. Woodward  Harriet Dodge  Silas Howard  Manuel Valls  Jaume Bayarri  Frank Brittain  Rupert Wyatt  Henry Rivero 

Country: US

Runtime: 105 min.

Quality: LQ, SD, HD

Release Date: 2011-08-03

IMDB: 7/10